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What the hell is wrong with Sega?

An open letter to Sega.

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A new swear word

I strive for language efficiency.

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Oh my!

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Cell phones are awesome, especially mine.

served by mouse

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Gay: Point/Counterpoint #1


Manly or not manly?

A conversation leads to turmoil...


Mike Patrick

At the beginning of the conversation, Mike is complaining to Patrick.

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Blessings of almighty Thor be upon you, men.

For unmanly acts there is but one punishment, one method of atonement: to bleed the sin from one's body.
Every night I recount to Thor my sins of femininity, and every night I lay prostrate before the stone altar.
Every night I bleed, and my manhood is purified.

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The Great Swingset Race

This is a story about the dudes' Great Swing Race.

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Harry Potter?!

I, boy wonder, came up with this. The rest of the dudes don't understand it, but I know the kids will get it.

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A wonderful song

Mike and Tim seem to have done something incredibly unmanly and played music and sung. What faggots. Anyway, here is their song. It's about some humming asshole or something. I dunno, I didn't listen to it. Fags.

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